Greener Permanence !

Green has become the buzzword now, with increased awareness about environmentally safe practices in most areas. While gardening was usually pursued as a hobby, it has now evolved into more conscious and directed practices of permaculture and organic farming, in the interests of resource conservation and minimum ecological impact.

Permaculture is a design system which shows us the way forward for a more ethical and sustainable way of life. In permaculture, garden design is about more than just aesthetics, even more than just growing our own food. It is about living in harmony with nature to create a system that takes care of our planet, takes care of humanity, and returns surplus to the system. Choosing a permaculture landscaping scheme has many benefits. With permaculture you can:


Reduce your Carbon footprint

Permaculture landscaping in your garden or on the land over which you are custodian will allow you to grow a wide range of edible produce for yourself, family and friends, and even a wider community. By growing your own food, you will reduce the amount that you buy from elsewhere, and reduce your carbon footprint. You can even help redress the balance by planting more carbon capturing trees and plants.


Damage Control

 The current agricultural system is responsible for many ills in our world. Employing permaculture techniques allows us to remove our support for such damaging systems and become part of the solution to the world’s problems.


Improving resilience

Permaculture landscaping increases biodiversity through extensive forest gardening and poly culture systems and by caring for local wildlife. Greater biodiversity leads to improved resilience, and reduces the strain on environmental resources. The land, and individuals, will be better able to withstand whatever the future holds.


Improve health

Without harmful chemicals, organic crops can improve the health of those who enjoy them. Permaculture practice can also improve the health of our world’s valuable ecosystems.


Conserve, preserve & enhance

Permaculture landscaping helps us to conserve, preserve and enhance the land we have, and to create a natural harmony for us and our planet.


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