Blends: Supercharge A Diet!

Speaking of changes in the diet front, consuming raw blends and soups( blends of fruit and vegetable juices) has become a popular trend. This particular diet fad is a huge favorite, given the ease of preparation and nutrient values. Juicing is another way to up the nutrient dose more efficiently. While we may find ourselves skipping the raw fruit/vegetable serving, juicing ensures that we are getting enough of these to meet our daily requirement.

Many of us have a greater liking for fruit juices instead of the whole fruit, and prefer fruit juice blends is a fast and effective way to get our daily servings of fruits.

Still, the drawbacks, though not many, are there. Juicing has the effect of removing the seeds and most of the pulp, and though the resulting juice contains many of the nutrients contained in the whole fruit, some nutrients are left behind in the skin and the pulp.

Drinking your meals instead of eating them is a good way to cleanse the system, provide the required nourishment to cells,supercharge skin health and gives us the much-needed energy boost.

The Sweetness Boost

Easy to Find –      Fresh fruits can be a bit of a rarity off-season, even there may be a limit to what can be produced in your own garden , or more so as to what’s available in the local grocery store or market. However, readily available juices remove this difficulty; not only are they available at all times, they are also easy to pack and store, with greater shelf lives.

Reduced Fiber –    There are benefits and drawbacks of fiber in the diet. Fiber slows down absorption of nutrients, hence juicing up is a good way to load up more of those. However, consuming adequate fiber in natural fruit can have some benefits such as improved digestion, and can help to prevent disorders and ailments, lower cholesterol, among others. Drinking fruit blends, whether you make your own or rely on commercially processed juices, has the drawback of removing much of the fiber.

Having a morning routine of blends gets the system up and running with a natural energy boost, without having to resort to tea or coffee.Pure fruit juice is a good source of nutrients like vitamin C and potassium. The problem is that too much of it can hike up the sugar and calories. Juicing requires a carefully balanced blend of vegetables and fruit to give you wholesome nutrition in a glass. It can be used as a meal replacement or a weight loss alternative.

Soupy Goodness

Soups are yet another way of incorporating the veggie goodness-one that cuts back on the sugar and calorie count that is characteristic of fruit juices.

Soups are rich in whole vegetables(either in chopped or pureed form), so they retain the health-promoting fiber that gets stripped away when fruits and vegetables are processed through a juicer. Soups are easy to make, and offer a variety of textures for a tasty serve. Soups are becoming popular as a healthy detox complement to juicing.

Considering that fruit and vegetable blends are in keeping with the plant-based diets gaining ground on account of its environmental benefits, soups and juices are a good add-on to our diet diaries.

With inputs from Internet and print sources