The Morning Energy Boost: 5 Things That Should Be a Part of Your Morning Routine


It would not be entirely off the mark if we were to treat the phrase –  ‘morning shows the day’ in a literal sense. Starting our mornings in a positive, disciplined way lets us begin the day on a spirited, happy note.

The activities that we do in the morning affect our energy levels and productivity for the entire day so it is essential to start off the morning properly in order for us to have enough energy to last the entire day.

Setting up a routine each morning leads to productivity and success in general. Here are 5 things that should be a part of your morning routine.


Staying Hydrated

You need to drink 8 to 16 ounces of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. This is important to replenish the water in your body that you have lost overnight.

Water makes up 80% of your brain tissue so drinking water to start your day will help you wake up fully and maximize your cognitive capacity. Water helps flush out toxins from your body and increase your metabolism.

You can have water with a bit of lime or lemon juice. That has a lot of benefits such as helping speed up your digestion and supplying vitamin C. Having raw blends or fruit juices also helps in loading up the nutrients.


Choose a healthy breakfast

It’s true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A lot of people skip breakfast because it’s the easiest meal to miss especially if you’re running late for school or for work.

Eating a healthy breakfast is important for your health and wellness. It will help keep you focused and it will also prevent you from those small, frequent, extra eats throughout the day. It’s important to have a healthy breakfast and a proper diet for an energized day.

For breakfast you can eat food that are rich in anti-oxidants such as berries, orange, plums, eggplant, avocados, milk, whole grain, yogurt, and a whole lot more.


Meditation – The ‘Feel Good’ factor !

Meditation is a wonderful form of ‘mind detox’. It’s important to find your center or your balance. You can meditate anywhere, anyplace, on a chair, laying down, or in a seated position.

Enjoy the silence and listen to your breathing. Be thankful for everything that you have. Meditation can help you stay focused better, be productive during the day, and relieve your mind and body of any stress.


Staying Fit

Doing simple exercises for at least 30 minutes everyday is important for your health and wellness. It will also help you achieve your fitness goals. You can do simple exercises like walking, jogging, or even yoga.

Many people think that doing exercise is for aesthetic importance but it is actually important to keep you healthy and free from illnesses. Working out in the morning leaves you feeling energized and maintaining that positive and happy frame of mind, because of the endorphins produced. A fair bit of exercise is critical for keeping all those muscles fit and supple.


Set Your Goals

Set your goals or plans for the day. List down the things that you want to accomplish within the day or scheduled time-frame.

Scheduling your priorities for the day is important it is a guide for you on what you are supposed to do throughout the entire day. Planning out your day carefully will help you achieve success in accomplishing your goals, be they short-term or long-term. It’s rewarding to tick off those goals once you accomplish them and it also makes you more productive.



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