The Eco-Savvy Consumer: Buying Safe, Eco-friendly..!

There’s a maze of consumer durables out there – and that brings us to the question – how do we know whether these products that we purchase or are about to purchase are actually safe for us?  Also, we are more into buying products nowadays that are environmentally safe – concerns about the environmental consequences of a purchase decision are becoming equally important.

A few considerations before a purchase:


Checking labels/Eco-labels

Product labels are usually present on the packages that give us information about the product inside. We should read these labels all the more carefully if we are buying toys or children products. Manufacturers have to warn of potential hazards that pertain to structure/design of a product.

Most consumers are now becoming aware of the ecological footprint of purchase decisions and hence rely on eco-labels – a form of certification that indicate the environmental desirability of a product.

More Info on eco labels


Eco friendly packaging

Eco friendly packaging is a growing trend that has caught up with consumers and businesses alike.

Eco-friendly packaging uses biodegradable, refillable or recycled material which reduces the waste of natural resources for production, in addition to making the manufacturing process more efficient.

On a general note, we should be careful with food products – make sure that they are tightly sealed/packaged. It may not exactly be a label – you should still check to make sure that any seals are unbroken and that your product hasn’t been tampered with.


Product recalls

Product recalls are usually issued by a company when it does not meet their manufacturing standards. This is to ensure the safety of the consumer, whether it be an injury risk due to inconsistent manufacturing or a health risk from food products that may have been contaminated.

Keep an eye out for recalls of products you regularly use, as well as how often certain companies have to issue product recalls. Chances are if companies need to recall several shipments of their products more or less frequently, it may indicate that the manufacturing plants are less than optimally efficient.


Stick with Trusted Brands

A good option would be to stick to reputable, trusted brands, especially if one has used their products before. It’s likely that other products of that same brand will also be to your liking. They have robust quality controls, which is why you will usually get a better deal in most aspects.

In comparison to lesser known brands, established brands usually have stricter policies and guidelines for protection of consumer interests, placing the consumer at an advantage. More so , when it comes to food products and perishables, we have to be doubly sure.


Product Reviews look up

It is a fairly common practice to post product reviews – they serve as a useful means/resource for those who are looking to make a purchase. It is a good way to share useful information and experiences with certain products or brands – looking out for reviews really helps.  Reviews tell you if a product is good, or if using it poses a safety threat to you or your family.

Similarly, you may consider purchasing products that have been positively reviewed on eco-friendliness or sustainability parameters.

Read the specifics of adverse reviews to see exactly what problems others have had with a product. Video reviews may be available too –  it allows you to see something in action before you decide to buy it. These are especially useful if you plan to order online.


Safety First

Reading a review usually helps to make an informed purchase. Of course, the absence of a review does not mean that the product is necessarily bad. However, by deciding on a product that has reviews available, you can be more certain you’re getting the right product for your situation.

If a product’s label leaves you with questions concerning its safety, you should contact the company to see if they are willing to address your concerns.

It becomes important to choose correctly – many products have guidelines that have to be followed when they are made and tested, to make sure that you stay safe.

The best thing that you can do is to obtain information about the product – be it from the label, the manufacturer, or an online review. The result is an informed purchase that leaves you satisfied.


With inputs from Internet & print sources