Houseplants Are Beautiful. They Can Be Energy-savers, too.

There are lots of small details that we want to take care of while trying to be judicious in our energy consumption. Most of us have a passion for houseplants.

It goes without saying that indoor plants can really make homes look beautiful. Did you know they could help in cutting back on a lot of unnecessary energy consumption as well?

Here are some of the ways in which they can help us in saving energy reasonably around the house, if not entirely.

three green assorted plants in white ceramic pots
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Houseplants For Indoor Air Purification

Houseplants are an amazing way to clean the air in your home , without using any electricity whatsoever. There are many of them – the conventional air filter certainly cleans up the air, but in all probability, a houseplant can work wonders, too.

Plants such as the unique spider plant, remove harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde from the air. Planting a beautiful peace lily can help remove health-depleting substances from the air such as ammonia, benzene, and many more.

The pretty-looking bamboo palm also removes harmful chemicals from the air.

purple indoor potted plant
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Houseplants as humidifiers

Humidifiers help to make homes cooler in summer and warmer during winters. Needless to say,  they hike up energy costs.

On the other hand, plants are a natural and energy-free way to keep the air filled with moisture. This humidity boost happens since plants release oxygen and water vapor into the air. This can help to maintain optimal indoor temperatures.

While even a few can work , having more indoor plants inside homes can really help to maintain proper humidity levels within the house and also retain its effects.

white stitchwort flower
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Houseplants as Air Fresheners

Using a plugged-in air freshener can continuously draw on your electricity – instead use houseplants to make the air in your home more pleasant.

In addition to purification, they can even freshen up the air with fragrances. Lavender and jasmine have beautiful fragrances.

Certain houseplants can actually reduce the unpleasant odors , even the smell of cigarette smoke. Plants let out water vapor which absorb the toxins from the air and then suck it back in.

Amazing, isn’t it? With these energy-saving benefits, houseplants are surely a great choice for healthy, natural air freshening .

The aesthetic and health benefits of houseplants have been known for a while, however, not many of us know about their energy-saving benefits. They can help make your home a pretty space, and save you a ton of energy waste !

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