Want To Get More of Superfoods? Here Are More Ways to Have Them

It can be difficult to make healthy choices if you’ve gotten into the habit of processed food that is tasty and easy to prep.

There’s no definition for superfoods – however, most experts agree that our diet has a dramatic impact on our wellbeing. Whole foods that are low in calories and high in nutrients can help you in a good many ways – weight loss, increased immunity and improved health, and hence live up to their name.

With a few simple changes, you can add a whole bunch of superfoods to your diet and reap the benefits!


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Spread out Your Superfoods


Include Them In Your Breakfast

In order to maintain your superfood intake throughout the day, start with breakfast. Make some changes to your breakfast menu by trading sugary cereal for yogurt with berries and nuts.


Redesign your snacks.

Carry your own snacks to work, and cut back on the chips and fried snacks.


Start with appetizers.

Appetizers work just as well for every day dining as they do for restaurants and parties. Make a simple meal feel more special by starting out with a veggies salad or a black bean soup.


Multiply Your Sides

Dish out a variety of fresh or frozen produce that will encourage you to eat more.


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Blend in Your Superfoods


Adjust the recipe

Make some adjustments and substitutions to your everyday recipes or your favorite dishes. Use tofu slices instead of cheese. Top off your chilli with yogurt instead of sour cream.


Puree/Chop it up

Some foods may not quite appeal to us in terms of taste and textures, even though they may be actually good for us. Try chopping it up fine or pureeing it – surprise your taste buds. You may discover a new fondness for it.


Drink a smoothie

If you have trouble slowing down to eat your vegetables, considering blending them into a smoothie. A smoothie is a quick way to consume a variety of whole foods that will help you to meet your daily nutritional needs.


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Other Strategies for Eating More Superfoods


Set healthy eating goals.

Set up specific targets if you want to take the healthy eating route.  You could aim for including at least one superfood in each meal or eating one additional superfood each day for a week.


Start small

Make ever so slight and minor changes. For example, you can experiment with sprinkling cinnamon instead of sugar into your coffee.


Roast Them

Roasting vegetables is so easy, but the results are dramatic. Cut them up evenly and spread them out so they’ll come out crispy outside and tender inside.


Add spices, dressing and seasonings

A drizzling of extra virgin olive oil with a little grated parmesan can really add a dash of flavour to bowl of steamed broccoli. For variety, experiment with different spices and seasonings.



Superfoods can be just as fast as a burger and fries. Grill fish or stir fry chicken and bok choy in minutes.


A regular intake of superfoods can help you feel more energetic and fit. It translates into a ton of health benefits for you and can boost immunity.


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