Your Home Needs A Detox, Too

Most often, your home certainly looks clean, but it can be filled with chemicals and toxins you can’t see.

These toxins can come from cleaning detergents, furniture, and other items. Toxins can also come from the paint on your walls or the type of floors you use.

They may be invisible, but can really affect your health – they can cause asthma and other respiratory challenges, allergies, etc.

Here are a few ways to detox your home.

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Ventilate your homes.

Researchers estimate that the air inside your home is five times more polluted than the outside.

It’s just as common for the inside of your home to be as polluted as the outside. Your house can have more toxins and chemicals in the air than your backyard.

Keep your windows open and allow for ventilation. It is a simple way to circulate the air and reduce the amount of toxins inside. Also, a few indoor plants around the house can contribute to a clean, relaxed environment.


Consider your dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning is a potential source of chemicals. Your “clean” clothes are covered in chemicals, which get on you the next time you put them on.

Dry cleaners use chemicals like perchloroethylene, that can affect allergy and asthma patients. It can also lead to headaches and dizziness.

Try to use natural or green dry cleaning services that don’t use perchloroethylene.


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Natural cleaning supplies

You may not realise it, but your cabinet filled with cleaning supplies and detergents abound in chemicals, which can adversely affect your health, if not careful.

To detox, try green or natural cleaning supplies.

A bit of DIY may be good!  You can find multiple recipes online for natural DIY cleaners that only require a few ingredients. You can make your own cleaning supplies with vinegar, baking soda, and other natural ingredients.

While you’re checking your cleaning supplies, also evaluate how often you clean. Cleaning frequently helps your home remain clean and toxins-free.


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Use natural personal care products

Personal care items such as perfumes and fragrances and others could be potential sources of toxins and chemicals and could pollute the air inside your homes.

Look at the labels – How many chemicals and toxins are in your hair spray, lotion, shampoo, and other personal care items?  To detox, research natural, organic, and green alternatives and use these instead of chemical-heavy items.

While you may or may not need professional services for a home detox, these steps will get you started.  Read up on ideas that can help you to maintain a clean environment for your home.


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