Keep Your Taste Buds Happy While Eating Healthy

Healthy eating does not imply a trade-off with taste and flavor.. just bring that creativity to your recipes or prep …and you can have the best of both worlds – consume healthier alternatives, one that adds a whole new dimension to flavor.

Here are some healthy ways to prepare food that can add the ‘tasty’ factor to your diet.


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Add Fresh Herbs and Spices

Try substituting store-bought powdered seasonings( which have additives, by the way) with a dash of home-grown, organic, fresh herbs and spices more often. They’re definitely more natural and powerful in flavor, which is a huge plus.


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Salads Can Be Rewarding!

Salads, to which you can add cheeses and dressings, are much more diverse in terms of flavors and texture, and we end up consuming fewer calories than the unhealthy alternatives, at the end of the day.


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Use The Frying Pan Less Often

Fried foods can be really tasty, but are far from healthy. A better way to cook foods would be using alternatives such as baking or grilling… it gives a whole new tone of flavors to foods.


Include Complex Carbs Instead

Simple carbs found in white breads, cakes, and white rice have very little nutritional value. Instead, try complex carbs like whole grains, legumes, and sweet potatoes. All it takes is a little creativity to turn those healthy carbs into explosions of flavor!


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Make Your Own Sauces

Sauces and dressings add that extra element of taste to our dishes. You could try making your own sauces/homemade dressings that allow you to control which ingredients you put in. Getting healthy and tasty variations is very much an option with the use of natural ingredients and some creativity!


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The Whole Foods Goodness

Sweet fruit juices are appealing to kids and adults alike. However, you should avoid the excess sugars found in them at all costs. Instead, having whole fruit can be just as enjoyable but much more beneficial; they leave you feeling full and help you lose weight too.

A tasty and healthy meal is a great combination! There’s just no way you can beat having food with good flavor and great health properties.


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