These Delicious Healthy ‘Toppings’ Will Surely Pack A Punch!

A nice, healthy glass of your favorite beverage with a fun garnish to dress it up with loads of flavor?! Sounds nice! In fact, drink garnishes are not only fun; but they can also be edible, healthy, and delicious.

Try these healthy ideas the next time you have a gathering (or even for yourself). Your guests will appreciate them. Oh, and you will, too!

Fruit Ideas:


Lemon slices

beverage bubble citrus close up
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The most popular, classic drink garnish – lemon slices. They’re also good for you.

You get a boost of vitamin C and a sour edge at the same time. 

They’re fun to eat and not expensive so you can use them as much as you want.


Apple slices

They’re not as common, but apple slices are a delicious garnish for drinks, whether you’re serving alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

Apples go wonderfully with champagne, adding an interesting tartness to the flavor. They also go well with ciders and other beverages. You may want to stick with red apples since they’re sweeter.

Fig slices

They’re relatively uncommon and unusual a choice, but fig slices can spice up your drink in a healthy way. They have a reddish-purple interior, being also full of fiber and other essential vitamins – you get something colorful and healthy with your drink.

Figs are sticky and sweet, so it’s a good idea to be careful with how many of them you use.


Pomegranate seeds

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Pomegranate seeds are rich in multiple vitamins and minerals. The fruit has a wonderful shade of bright red which adds that interesting touch of color to plainer drinks.

For each drink, use only a small amount of the seeds, so it doesn’t get overwhelming.

Keep in mind that these seeds float to the top of beverages.


Other fruit ideas

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In general, fruit is one of the easiest and healthiest things to use for garnishes on your drink menu.

Bananas, pineapples, mangoes, berries, kiwis and other fruits make good additions.

Fruit is best served as slices or wedges to make them easier for your guests to eat.

You can make triangular or other shapes, too. It’s a good chance to use your creativity and use the garnishes as both food and decoration.



Non-Fruit Ideas

Although fruit tends to be a popular choice, it’s not your only option. These are some ideas you can try:

Edible flowers

zucchini flowers

Zucchini flowers are beautiful, orange in color, and make great drink additions.

Ensure they’re clean and ready to be eaten before you use them.



drinking glass with pink beverage and mint leaves


Sprigs or leaves of mints are popular garnishes. Another idea is to use thyme or rosemary.



You can always use the classic olives for drinks. However, you can take your drink a notch higher by experimenting with the different varieties of olives.

Celery and carrot sticks

As vegetables, they’re healthy, and their bright, bold colors are lovely for a vibrant garnish!

Drinks with a tomato base may go well with shrimp garnishes. You may want to add some type of spicy sauce to make the flavors stronger. Be sure to peel the shrimp ahead of time!

Garnishes are easy to make and add delicious and fun variety to your drinks. The next time you’re putting together your beverage menu, use one of these ideas for a healthy touch.


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