Meditate Effectively With These Tips!

We all know how important it is to meditate. It can really help you stay away from distractions and improve your ability to focus, and relieve you of anxiety and stress, and guide you towards a healthy lifestyle.

Meditation can prove to be challenging, especially when there are ample ways to get distracted. Though, it isn’t all complicated.. you will need some patience and experience to master the technique.

Keep distractions at bay. If you can control the variables that interfere with your focus, you can learn to effectively meditate.

A few tips to get you started:


Posture is key

Sit in an upright position. Slouching or leaning creates muscular tension to maintain the position. Sitting up straight helps you feel relaxed already!


It so happens that we may become tense when trying to focus or concentrate. This can seem to make meditating more challenging.

Focus on relaxing your muscles so it becomes a habit. You’ll find that when muscular tension starts to creep in, you’ll automatically start to relax.

Try to eat less prior to meditation

It takes a considerable amount of energy to help with digestion.

An empty stomach helps to remain alert and focused during meditation.

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No-distraction zone

Find a suitable time and quiet place for meditation.

Turn off the laptop, TV and cell phone. Close the windows and doors to avoid the noise outside.

Set a timer to avoid meditating for too long or falling asleep.

Same time, every day.

Sticking to a daily routine helps to keep meditation effective. Repeat everyday, at the same time.

Just keep a consistent schedule to train your mind.

Don’t eat too much before meditating

Avoid eating anything for a few hours before you meditate. Digestion requires a lot of energy.

An empty stomach is one of the best ways to remain alert and focused during meditation.

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Meditate in a familiar environment 

It’s important to learn to meditate in a variety of environments, but try to spend most of your meditation time in one place.

You’ll begin to associate that location with meditation.


Think about what you can do to meditate better.

Keep asking this question and use the answers to your advantage.

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Make use of guided meditation apps 

There are several meditation apps out there. Most of these apps offer free versions, while some others have a paid feature.

These are some of the popular meditation apps.

 Headspace:  Headspace is one of the more popular meditation apps out there, having a free trial as well as a paid feature.

Calm:  Calm is yet another app that has a variety of features such as guided meditation, relaxing sounds, and ‘sleep stories.’

Mindbody:  Mindbody helps you take care of your health and fitness goals by taking classes.

Stop, Breathe and Think: This is yet another mindfulness app that has a free and a paid feature with more than 50 guided meditation sessions.

The more effectively you meditate, the more you’ll get out of it.

Remind yourself that everything else has to wait until you’re done with meditation sessions.

Get more out of your meditation. Enjoy the benefits of a deeper and more meaningful session by putting these tips into practice!

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