Eating Healthy When You Have Diabetes

Diabetes is a disorder that interferes with your blood sugar levels. It impacts your body’s ability to produce the required levels of insulin.

Unhealthy diets will only aggravate health complications; you will need to maintain a strict routine and discipline when it comes to your diet.

A few tips that can help you adjust your habits and make small changes :

vegetables greens frying pan asian

Cut down on the grease and fat while cooking

The best way to start off is to watch the amount of butter and fat while cooking. Consider opting for a non-stick spray rather than fatty butter, or even substitute butter in order to lubricate your pan.

You can use an air-fryer to avoid excessive use of cooking oil or fat or butter.

With a non-stick cooking spray, you can actually control the amount of calories added to your dish.

The calories are controlled by the number of seconds you hold down the nozzle.

If you hold the nozzle for the minimum recommended time, you can get as little as just one calorie!


bowl of sliced bananas with rice crispies

Eat small portions,frequently

In order to keep up the normal levels of blood glucose, and help you feel energized, it’s important to eat several smaller portions throughout the day.

If possible, eat a small meal every three hours.

Keep something handy; a fruit shake or granola bar.

As long as you have something nutritious, somewhat filling, and portable on hand, you’ll be worry-free.

You’ll also do better if you maintain a consistent quality of ingredients in your meals. So, keep calories, health, and nutrition in mind when selecting your meals.

Plan your meals ahead of time. Pack yourself a healthy lunch for work before bed each night and then simply grab and go.

Keep a bag of unsweetened dried fruit in your car or a granola bar in your desk as well.


kiwi juice with mint

Be mindful

You can still have tasty foods; however, you’ll just need to watch what and how much you eat.

Eat just how much you need to. Also, it’s also important to be mindful of the quality of food you eat.


round stainless steel bowl with cooked meat and vegetables

Eat more veggies

Fill 50% of your plate with vegetables, 25% with starch, and the remaining 25% with protein. This formula leads to a balanced meal every time.

If you have diabetes, you need to make healthier choices when it comes to food and diet.

Healthy eating habits go a long way in keeping your diet healthy.


A quick recap of useful tips!

– Plan your meals.

– Eat small but frequent meals,

– Say ‘no’ to fatty foods,

– Eat more of the healthy greens.

It becomes important to maintain regular blood glucose levels, while also a sound and healthy weight. You just need to make a few changes to your habits, that’s all.

Follow these simple steps to ensure greater health.



With inputs from the Internet and print sources