Living Well: A ‘Friendly’, Relaxed Space Of Your Own

All of us need to nurture ourselves to be at our most productive, and to feel contented and secure within ourselves. This is of immense significance to our personal growth and development, and key to a healthy lifestyle.

We can make our home a comfortable, relaxed and nurturing place that radiates positive vibes and energy – something that is incredibly essential to our well-being. It brings out the best in us and provides a sense of encouragement.

You can always create and relish nurturing spaces in your home.

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Note your interests:

We all have different hobbies, interests, and passions that define the person we are.

Acknowledging and using this to our advantage would help us create a better atmosphere at home. We can then set up our very own comfort spaces that suit and reflect our interests.

If you like to read, a small stack of books by your bedside would be the perfect retreat for the evening.

If you’re into art, try putting up some of your paintings up as a wall decor for some inspiration.

Anything that brings that feeling of comfort, satisfaction, and contentment, or just pure inspiration can be strategically placed throughout your home to create warm, ‘friendly’ spaces.

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Creating Comfort Spaces Inside Your Home

You can construct special ‘zones’ that bring you comfort while you relax or stimulate creativity while you’re creating or producing.

Living rooms and lounges

As a TV or movie-buff, you can have a comfortable seating area in front of your television, where you can relax and unwind after a long day.

If you like to read, consider having your own personal library and a comfortable couch where you can settle in for a nice, uninterrupted reading session.

Are you into music? If you love to play the piano or some other instrument, use a portion of your room to set up your music gear and play.

For those of us interested in crafts or painting, it helps to have a large area with a good amount of light. Some special tools or canvases may put you in the mood to create.

So much the better if you have houseplants in and around your spaces to beautify your home!

Make Your Kitchen A Cozy Space

Consider having a shelf or bookcase with your favorite cookbooks and recipe diaries.

Set up a small seating area within your kitchen to sit, relax and browse recipes at your leisure. It will be a small, cozy space where you can feel relaxed and comfortable.


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Decorate Your Bedroom

For a comfortable experience, consider having plenty of cushions and pillows.

Fill up your bedside table with cherished photos, knick-knacks or decorative items.

Surrounding yourself with possessions you love helps to create nurturing, relaxing spaces.

Bath room

Use scented candles or potpourri for a lovely fragrance. Keep your space stacked with an assortment of luxurious bath oils and scents.


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Make your life productive and experiences enriching with the comfort of warm, relaxed spaces at home.

You’ll feel a sense of fulfillment, peace and contentment.


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