Healthy Living: 7 Must To-dos To Protect Your Health At Work

Working long office-hours can take a toll on your physical and mental health.

Sitting for long periods can be the reason for increased risk of heart conditions, diabetes, certain cancers, and weight gain. A certain amount of job-stress may not be entirely eliminated, and it only adds to the consequences.

Start with these ideas for protecting your health and well-being.

Rest your eyes.

Prolonged periods of staring at the computer screen may result in dryness of eyes or blurry vision problems. Look away from the desktop/laptop for 10-15 minutes, and do eye exercises like blinking or staring at something in the distance.

Adjust your posture.

Slouching can cut off your circulation and make your lower back ache.

Try drawing your shoulder blades down and back to open up your chest. A lumbar support pillow may help too.

Take breaks.

Moving around about every half hour reduces the negative effects of sitting. In fact, it may be even more effective than regular exercise.

Make it a habit to stretch or walk around your office for a few minutes.

Align your wrists.

Ensure your workstation is set up ergonomically. Rest your wrists and arms in a relaxed position to ensure the maximum comfort.

Drink plenty of fluids

Drink plenty of fluids.

Drinking plenty of water or fluids helps to maintain your body temperature, metabolism, and heart health.

Make friends at work.

Get to know your coworkers and their interests. Making friends at work can help you stay happy and productive. Face-to-face contact also contributes to stronger relationships. Try dropping by someone’s office instead of sending an email.

Ways To Make Your Morning Breakfast better
Ways To Make Your Morning Breakfast better

Wake up early.

Most of us are usually working in closed spaces. Waking up an hour earlier could enhance your mood and give you more time to work out and eat a hearty breakfast.

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